On The Issues

Kai’s Priorities

As a child, my first visit to Washington, D.C., was to meet my dad’s friend, the late Senator Daniel K. Akaka. Public servants like my dad, Senator Akaka, and Senator Inouye came from a generation of veterans who believed in the American dream. They understood that if people commit to something greater than themselves, the dream never dies.

This is a time to continue to build hope, to build dreams, to build unity. We need a strong economy where all people can enjoy a living wage. We will provide compassionate social services for every person in need. We must lift our future generations and encourage them to be better than us. We do this by providing outstanding public education. We ensure that all Americans have quality and affordable health care. We protect future generations by not turning a blind eye to the dangers of climate change, global warming, and natural disasters. We must govern with knowledge and courage.